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Zhongke Magnetic Process of neodymium magnet

Zhongke Magnetic Process of neodymium magnet



Zhongke Magnetic ( Zkmagnet) have full set facility to produce neodymium magnet. We have more than 20 Set Sintering furnace for neodymium magnet material. This can guarantee 5000 tons raw material for our annual production capacity. Automatic pressing, and computer control Wire cutting and Automatic sorting machine which can guarantee the good quality and fast delivery for your order. 

Furthermore,we can adjust it according to order requirement. Now let’s see the process of Zkmagnet neodymium magnet production . 


Test Center of Zhongke Magnetic ( Zkmagnet) 

Test Machines are very important for magnet manufacturers. We have two test center. One is for neodymium magnet products test. Another is for ferrite magnet products. Here is the pictures for them.

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