What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for powerful magnets ?
The production cost consists of direct material cost, labour cost and manufacturing facility cost. Normally, the material cost takes up about thirty to forty percent of the total production cost. The figure may vary depending on the specific products, while in order to produce high quality powerful magnets , we never cut down the investment on the material due to corporate parsimony. Besides, we would invest more in the technology introduction and product innovation to improve manufacturing efficiency and lower the overall manufacturing cost.

Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co.,Ltd. is a leader in domestic neodymium magnet industry and is developing towards the world. Zhongke is mainly engaged in the business of ferrite magnet and other product series. Our ferrite magnet has edges in simple structure, strong permanent magnet, easy maintenance and high efficiency. The product would better cater to different market needs, leading to a more promising market application prospect. This product shows a high ratio of magnetic effect on volume or weight.

We value sustainability. Therefore, we will adopt sustainable approaches and be responsible for increasing the positive impacts of our production and products.
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