What is raw material for rare earth permanent magnet in Zhongke?
The raw materials for rare earth permanent magnet are related to the unique production technology of our products. It can't be unveiled here. Commitment is that the source and quality of raw materials are reliable. We have established long-term relationships with a number of raw material suppliers. Controlling the quality of raw materials is as important as controlling the quality of finished products.

Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co.,Ltd. is proud of its exceptional record of creating a collection of wholesale magnets. Zhongke is mainly engaged in the business of neodymium magnet and other product series. ferrite magnet is excellent in outlook as you can see by pictures. It has been nickel plated to resist corrosion. wholesale magnets has been considered to be custom magnet with obvious quality and wide development prospects. Constant shock and vibration will not change the property of this product.

Customer focus is important for our company. In the future, we will always deliver customer satisfaction by listening to and exceeding customer expectations.
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