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What is ferrite magnet ? What advantage does it have?

What is ferrite magnet ? What advantage does it have?


ferrite magnet

Ferrite magnet is Sintering magnetic materials. Main component have Sro or Bao and Fe2O3. Ferrite magnet have Isotropic and Anisotropic magnet. Due to the difference of production technology. Isotropic magnet have lower property,but they can magnetize through every side of magnet. Anisotropic magnet have higher property, but they only magnetize through predesigned magnet side.

Our ferrite magnet is widely used in Loud speaker, Microwave oven, Micro-motor, BLDC motor, MRI Medicine equipment,artwork and toys, education, Home appliance, electric power tools, electric vehicle, wind turbine generator, elevator and etc. 

Its Characteristic: High working time, strong ability of resistance to demagnetization, Not easy to oxidation.

Ferrite magnets can have many different type shape from Block, Cylinder,Ring, Arc segment, Fan, Disc/disk, Irregular and so on. 

Now we have Ferrite magnet Moulds more than 2000 which can easily find the similar or close size to your magnet. This can save cost and time for sampling and mass production.  All Zkmagnet ferrite magnet have MSDS certificate, ROHS, Reach compliance and meet TS16949 standard. 

All kind of OEM & ODM are welcome by Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic ( Zkmagnet) 

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