What about the lead time of powerful earth magnets from placing a order to delivery?
The powerful earth magnets order will be processed in sequence based on the order time. You are also welcome to contact us at any time. After you place an order, we will not only make sure the quality assurance of the product, but also need to connect with freight forwarder to guarantee the safe transportation of the goods. "Please rest assured, we are equipped with a complete set of delivery processing system and will deal with your order as soon as possible.

The comprehensive capability of Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co.,Ltd. has been a leader in the domestic ferrite magnet field. Zhongke is mainly engaged in the business of neodymium magnet and other product series. Products such as ferrite magnet has been shown to have a long service life and other features like strong permanent magnet. This product shows a high ratio of magnetic effect on volume or weight. There is room for continuous development for this product. Its field lines are continuous, forming closed loops without beginning or end.

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