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Start-Up Symposium And Seminar Of

Start-Up Symposium And Seminar Of


On June 1st, 2019, ZK Magnet Company held the Zhejiang Manufacturing Group Standard "Ultrathin RV Trumpet Magnetic Steel"led by the Zhejiang Standardization Association and "High Performance Nymphon Iron shed Magnetic Steel for Variable Air Conditioning Compressors". Launch meeting and seminar. The main contents of the meeting were:

1.The first drafting unit of the standard introduces the company's general situation and the production of the product.

2.The first drafting unit of the standard introduces the process of the establishment of the Zhejiang manufacturing project, the draft standard, the description of the advanced nature, and the arrangements for the follow-up work plan;

3. The members of each working group and experts to discuss the draft standards, determine the main content and framework of the standards;

4.Clear standard development work plan.

The National Magnetic Materials Center, Zhejiang Standardization Association, Fangyuan Standard Certification Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Metrology Science Research Institute, Zhejiang Magnetic Materials Association, Dongyang Market Supervision Administration, Wolong Electric Drive Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kevin Magnetic Steel Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. and other 9 companies, industry associations and research institutes dispatched experts to participate.

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