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The predecessor of Zhongke Magnetic Industry has more than 30 patents, of which 27 have been authorized by the state and 8 have applied for invention patents; There have been 13 new products and 1 provincial key technology innovation product that have been identified by experts in the industry and have reached the leading and advanced level in China. In the industry in a leading position.

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Zhongke magnet factory is here to bring you the best magnet product with top performance. Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional magnet factory serving for global customers with its top quality magnet products since 1985, Zhongke magnet products have reached thousands of magnet items, of all, they could be categorized into neodymium magnet and ferrite magnet. In a bid to meet customers' magnet demands in nuts and bolts, Zhongke magnet company also offers one-stop customized magnet service.

Why us?

1) oem & odm magnets of all since 1985
2) full variety of magnets, up to several thoudsand of magnets applicable for many industries
3)50,000 square meters of magnet production base, bulk high-tech manufacturing equipment for wholesale and custom magnets magnet production, large capacity in neodymium magnet and ferrite magnet manufacturing
4)ISO9001, ISO14000 certificates, all magnet either ferrite magnet or ndfeb magnet are in full compliance with international standard


If you're sourcing for wholesale magnets or customized magnets, welcome to contact Zhongke magnet factory.

There are many varieties of magnet, which normally are sorted into permanent magnets and soft magnet. And magnet people talk about often are permanent magnet which has gone through 3 phases, metal permanent magnet material, ferrite magnet material and rare earth permanent magnet accordingly.

About neodymium magnet

Neodymium magnet is king among all magnets due to its most-impressive magnetic performance, 10 times than ferrite magnet's performance, ndfeb magnet's machinability works quite well, neodymium magnet could resist 200℃ to wide application, with its magnetic stability and hardness. Nonetheless, its chemical activity is strong, normally, magnet manufacturer will process neodymium magnet with coating.

About ferrite magnet

Ferrite magnet is also called permanent ferrite magnet, made through a series of magnet processing. Ferrite magnet features low cost raw material, simple workmanship, therefore ferrite magnet went through rapid growth in 70s, and ferrite magnet yields have ranked top 1 compared with other magnets back then. Furthemore, due to its high resistivity, ferrite magnet is a right fit for high-frequency and microwave product industries.

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