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Overview of permanent ferrite magnet industry market

Overview of permanent ferrite magnet industry market



With the transfer of the international manufacturing industry and the improvement of the technological level of domestic enterprises, the gap between our country's permanent ferrite magnet industry and the advanced level of foreign countries has gradually narrowed, and international competitiveness has increased significantly. The market competitiveness of the permanent ferrite magnet industry in newly industrialized countries represented by China has been continuously enhanced.

It is a functional material with wide hysteresis loop, high coercivity and large remanence. Once magnetized, it can maintain constant magnetism. The production process of permanent ferrite magnet materials mainly includes sintering and bonding. Sintering is divided into dry pressing molding and wet pressing molding, and bonding is divided into extrusion molding, compression molding and injection molding.


However, the current era is the electronic era. Without permanent ferrite magnet, there would be no electronics industry. As a basic functional material in the electronics industry, permanent ferrite magnet has penetrated into all areas of human production and life. It is widely used in fields such as automobiles, motorcycles, televisions, stereos, computers, communication terminals, and medical equipment. This is an important aspect of energy development.

Material that is easy to demagnetize after magnetization is called soft magnetic material, and material that is not easy to demagnetize is called hard magnetic material. Generally speaking, the remanence of soft magnetic materials is smaller than that of hard magnetic materials. Permanent ferrite has a low Curie temperature and poor temperature stability, so it is not suitable for use in strict applications.

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