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Mid-Year Debriefing Report Of ZK MAGNET

Mid-Year Debriefing Report Of ZK MAGNET


On Sunday, July 29, 2019, ZK Magnet company hold the first meeting of senior and middle managers. The meeting was held in the training room on the first floor of the headquarters. The heads of departments (workshops) reported, summarized and analyzed the accomplishment of the objectives in the previous half year on the basis of detailed data. It also actively puts forward many suggestions for improvement from the company's point of view.

For the heads of busy departments, it is really urgent to determine the report meeting and reporting requirements in mid-July, but the management team of the Section has gradually formed a team with strong struggle, hard workand execution. It is not easy for those responsible for long-term adherence to the front-line positions to submit all the reporting materials within the prescribed time, and most of them report in the form of PPT. However, all of us maintain the learning ability of "cadres are made and learnt" to carry out learning.

The chairman highly praised the success of the conference and said that today's conference is an attempt to explore ways to improve management. The fundamental purpose of the conference is to review the first half of the year, summarize work and summarize oneself face to face, and strengthen managers'awareness of learning, responsibility and performance.  This is a very good learning activity in itself. I hope all the colleagues who are doing it will take the advantages of others and avoid their own shortcomings. At the same time, I would like to express my gratification for the situation of China's scientific and technological talents and hard struggle. I hope that the heads of all departments will do what they say and apply the theory to practice, and that ZK magnet will develop and flourish together with you.

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