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by:Zhongke     2021-03-04
Green Intelligent Manufacturing: Magnetic Driven Freight System for Coal Mining Enterprises

Years and months, my country’s first coal mining enterprise magnetic drive freight system was put into trial operation, with strong carrying capacity, green and energy-saving features, and it was a major breakthrough in my country’s high-end transportation equipment;

The magnetic drive freight system has super climbing ability, and the climbing degree is not limited. Therefore, it can be built according to the terrain, which greatly saves construction costs and improves the scope of application. The NdFeB magnetic power carrying system has high carrying capacity. Reduce the cost of enterprises, and the cost per kilometer is cents;

According to the researchers: The linear synchronous motor rotor is installed on the rail of this freight system, and the neodymium iron boron manufactured by the strong magnet manufacturer is installed under the material truck, which is equivalent to a large linear motor.
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