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Injection ferrite magnet

Injection ferrite magnet


Injection ferrite magnet is with ferrite magnetic powder and resin (PA6 / PA12 / PA66 / PPS blend, through injection molding process molding magnets,such ferrite magnet is mainly for the automation equipment, permanent magnet dc motor, axial flow fan, motor, frequency conversion air conditioning instrument motor etc,


Ferrit magnet is indispensable to precision micromotor and automation industry source and constant magnetic source, and ferrit magnets have no substitute other magnet and unparalleled superiority. If you're looking for magnet manufacturer, contact Zhongke magnet factory.

Injection ferrite magnet is a magnet formed by injection molding process after mixing ferrite magnetic powder with resin (PA6/PA12/PA66/PPS).

The characteristic of injection ferrite magnet is that it can be magnetized axial single pole, radial multistage and axial radial compound.

Ferrite magnet product has a smooth and flawless appearance, high dimensional accuracy, good consistency, no need for follow-up processing, stable performance, seismic resistance and shock resistance, and ferrite magnet can be complicated.

It is an indispensable signal source and constant magnetic source for precision micro-motor and automation industry, and such magnet product has advantages that cannot be replaced and compared with other magnets.

Injection ferrite magnet could be used in automation equipment, permanent magnet DC motor, axial flow fan, variable frequency air conditioning motor, instrument motor and other fields.

Injection ferrite magnet and Neodymium magnet diffference:

Injection ferrite magnet has better resistivity than metal, alloy magnetic material is much larger, but also ferrite magnet  has a higher dielectric performance at high frequency and higher permeability.

What is the main difference between injection ferrite and sintered Ndfeb?

1. The price of injection ferrite is much cheaper than ndFeb strong magnet.

2. Injection ferrite magnet has good temperature resistance, while ordinary NdFeb usually only has 80 degrees. Beyond this working temperature, demagnetization will occur.

3. Ferrite stability is very good, it is oxide itself, very stable, Ndfeb is an alloy, and it is easy to oxidation, must do coating protection.

Magnets are just a general term.

Injection ferrite, bonded NdFeb, NdFEB, ferrite multipole magnetic ring are magnets.

According to the degree of magnetic strength to distinguish, neodymium iron boron magnetic strongest, followed by ferrite, plastic magnetic weakest, various materials have their own different grades table.

According to the process, the first 2 for sintering process, plastic magnetic injection process.

In terms of mechanical properties, plastic magnets are not easily broken because of the nylon in the ingredients.

The other 2 are prone to angular fragmentation. According to the working temperature, the working temperature of injection ferrite is -40~200 degrees (both high and low temperature will demagnetization), the working temperature of Ndfeb is 80~230 degrees, the working temperature of plastic magnetic is 100~180 degrees.

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