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How to choose magnetization for your magnet ?

How to choose magnetization for your magnet ?


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There is two methods generally used to magnetize permanent magnets: Static magnetization and pulse magnetization. The first type magnetizes via static electromagnetic field and normally creates a magnetic field of up to 2Ma/m. Pulse magnetization,on the other hand, is used when stronger magnetic fields are desired or for multipolar magnetization. Each method is optimized for special materials.shape,and polar configurations. Zkmagnet can offer you ideal magnetizing power and yoke suggestion.  There are many type magnetization direction for different products need.  Axially Oriented , Diameterical Oriented, Oriented through thickness, Radially Oriented, Fully radially, Radially multi-poles. One face multi-poles. 

Another question . Do we need do magnetization or not ? 

It depends. You shall choose magnetization according to your production or customer need. For samples, most customers need magnetization before delivery. This will increase the cost. Why ? Because you need prepare the magnet blocking package. Otherwise, your samples are not allowed by the shipping agent. You know, the magnet will attract each other or other products easily after magnetization. This will be not good for some products assembly such as speaker or some Items with steel or easily attracted parts. Sometimes, you need do magnetization after assembled it. That can improve the assembly efficiency and decrease the cost of assembly. Furthermore, magnetization will need some cushion to separate each magnet. This will increase the cost for package too. 

Zhongke Magnetic (Zkmagnet) have full set AI sorting machines which can sort big or small magnets. Here is the Automatic sorting machines streamline and vacuum packing line.

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