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Functions and characteristics of permanent magnets

Functions and characteristics of permanent magnets


permanent magnet

Permanent magnet is simply an object that keeps the magnetism in the magnetite permanently.There are many kinds of them, including permanent magnets formed naturally and permanent magnets made by human beings. Each of the different types of permanent magnets has its own niche in the market today. Permanent magnet it is now in people's daily life and production in a rather important role. This substance is needed in many life and production industries. 

Its functions and characteristics are also very many, and very excellent.Natural permanent magnets that have been artificially processed are ready for use.What are the advantages and characteristics of a permanent magnet? What are its specific functions and uses? In the following Zhongke will do a detailed introduction for users.

Classification of permanent magnets: 

1. According to the materials of permanent magnets, the classification can be divided into two categories. The first category is alloy permanent magnet materials.

The second largest type is iron oxide permanent magnets.

2. If permanent magnets are classified according to the production process, they can be divided into three categories.

The first is sintered ferrite, the second injection ferrite, and the third is bonded ferrite.

Each type of permanent magnet has a different composition, but its magnetism is the same.


Features and functions of permanent magnets: 

1. In normal use, the polarity of a permanent magnet will never change, so it is not easy to lose magnetism or be magnetized.But at very high temperatures, some lose or decrease its magnetism.Some magnets even break under high temperatures because of their brittleness.

2. Permanent magnet it is now in people's daily life and production are playing a rather important role.And it can be applied to a wide range of fields.Including television, radio, loudspeaker and all kinds of loudspeaker, clothing above the leather mouth and other places are more widely used, play a role of loudspeaker.They all operate on the principle of magnetic fields.

Magnet factory

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