Foshan High Temperature Magnet Factory

by:Zhongke     2021-03-04
Advantages of the strategic objectives, specially formulated this regulation. The second channel for high-temperature magnets is through discussions with some direct sellers on Alibaba. Because the merchants on Alibaba usually mainly use the wholesale function for sales, the more quantity you buy, the lower the price can be. Sometimes if you can become a long-term partner with the merchant, it will be easier to get a lower price of the goods. In this way, businesses can buy more powerful magnets, and the price of powerful magnets is reduced to a relatively acceptable level. 1. In order to further deepen the reform of the use of foreign capital in the magnet industry, promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of my country's samarium cobalt industry, and realize the strategic goal of transforming the advantages of magnet resources into economic advantages, these regulations are formulated in accordance with the relevant national regulations on mineral resources. 2. This regulation is applicable to the investment and establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures and Sino-foreign joint ventures in the magnet industry in China. In the second half of the year, the integration and reorganization of domestic samarium-cobalt magnetic enterprises will continue to deepen, and high-temperature magnets must be planned several years in advance. use. Joe? In fact, price is not the most important factor. What we have to consider is the stability of its supply. According to relevant data, last year, the price of dysprosium oxide rose rapidly from US$229 per kilogram in 2010 to US$1454 per kilogram, and in 2014 the price was about US$1,000 per kilogram. General Motors has formed a number of competitive large enterprises and large groups. In 2013, the global economy is recovering slowly, and the samarium cobalt magnet market is expected to pick up. However, facing the formation of a diversified supply and demand pattern and the relatively backward domestic technological innovation and other disadvantages, the development of the Chinese industry can optimize its product structure , Improve product quality, control production costs, manufacture magnetoelectric series meters, flow meters, micro motors, relays, etc. ②FeCrCo permanent magnet alloy. The application of rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets with iron, chromium and cobalt elements as the main components and high temperature resistant magnets 'industrial vitamins' in maglev trains. The maglev train is a high-speed maglev train that uses a non-contact electromagnetic levitation, guidance and drive system system. Its speed can reach more than 500 kilometers per hour. It is the fastest ground passenger transportation in the world today. It has the advantages of high speed, strong climbing ability, low energy consumption, low noise during operation, safety and comfort, no fuel, and less pollution. Achieve high-speed detachment from the ground without contact with the ground and without fuel. It also contains molybdenum and a small amount of titanium and silicon. Its processing performance is good, it can undergo cold thermoplastic deformation, its magnetic properties are similar to that of AlNiCo permanent magnet alloys, and its magnetic properties can be improved through plastic deformation and heat treatment. It is used to manufacture all kinds of small magnetic components with small cross-section and complex shape. ③Permanent magnet.
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