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difference between custom magnet and wholesale magnet

difference between custom magnet and wholesale magnet



Many magnet customers are confused between custom magnets and wholesale magnets. They always think that wholesale and custom magnets are the same. In fact, they are not the same. The difference between the two is still quite big. Wholesale magnet is to take the goods directly in batches. What are the performance, specification and tolerance of the magnet? In the same way, it cant' be changed. Customized magnet can be processed by magnet manufacturers according to their own requirements. The time for custom made magnet will be relatively longer. Which of the two is better?

In fact, it is not clear which is better for custom magnets or wholesale magnets. Different magnet customers have different needs. If you want to use magnet quickly and conveniently, you can choose wholesale magnet. Some magnet manufacturers will do some of the larger shipments. Commonly used magnet specifications are stored in the warehouse, which requires time and effort to find many magnet factories one by one. The more conventional ones are relatively easy to find. After all, there are so many domestic and outside magnet factories.

If you have requirements for magnets, such as special specifications and better performance, you can choose customized magnets. Customized magnets can provide the required magnet specifications, performance, coating, and temperature resistance.

Whether wholesale magnet or magnet customization depends on the customer. Generally, handbag factories, packaging factories, and speaker factories are mostly direct wholesale, because these industries have less demanding in magnets, they need more conventional and large order in quantity, and it is easy to find the spot. Many manufacturers such as motors and sensors use magnet customization, because motors have certain requirements for the parameters of the magnet, such as the size of the magnetism, the number of magnet poles and so on.

wholesale magnet tip

1. Beware of being clamped by the magnet during the wholesale and use of the magnet. When using it, use non-crossing force as much as possible to push it away. For larger and strong magnets, try to let the magnet manufacturer use environmentally friendly paper pads for wholesale magnet packaging. Separate it to avoid using too much effort to separate the magnet.

2. When the magnet is wholesale and used, it should be avoided and disassembled directly. If the magnet is disassembled without being paid attention, it will easily cause the magnet to break.

3. If it is a strip of strong magnet, it must be placed in pairs after use, and the north pole of one magnet and the south pole of the other magnet should be close together to prevent the magnetism from disappearing.

It is important to know that although the strong magnet produced by the magnet manufacturer is a permanent magnetic object, it is still affected by many environmental factors. These unfavorable environments will cause its magnetic instability, so when it is used in wholesale collections, be careful.

custom magnet tip

For those buyers who use magnets for long time, they basically understands the characteristics of strong magnets and the size of the products required for magnetism. However, for some companies that have not used magnets, they don't know much about strong magnets, so in design magnet customization What problems should be paid attention to for powerful magnets?

In terms of size, if the length, width or diameter is less than 20mm, the minimum thickness of 1mm for custom magnet will be better. If it is too thin, it will break easily. In addition, if you need to add holes for your custom magnets, the wall width should be higher than 2.5mm because of the squeezing during drilling. Pressure can also make the custom magnet fragile. In terms of magnetic force, there are normally two ways to increase the magnetism of a strong magnet. One is to increase the size, and the other is to increase the material grade. If it is a small size, the effect of changing the size on the magnetic force is very obvious. Also, if there are requirements for the tolerance of the strong magnet, it must be specially noted and communicated. If the working environment is very warm or abnormal, you also need to communicate with the strong magnet manufacturer for custom magnet, because the temperature resistance of the N series of strong magnets is less than 80 degrees Celsius . Exceeding this operating temperature will damage or demagnetize. In addition, if it is a special-shaped product, it is necessary to provide a drawing evaluation, because the processability of a strong magnet is not as good as a hardware product. Many ideas may not be realized.

Magnets refer to substances that are composed of transition elements iron, cobalt, nickel, rare earths and their alloys, which can directly or indirectly generate magnetism, and are widely used in various fields such as motors, sensors and generators. 

According to the type of application, magnets can be divided into two main categories: soft magnets and permanent magnets, in addition to moment magnets, gyromagnets and piezoelectric magnets. Among them, soft magnetic refers to a kind of magnetic material that is easy to magnetize and demagnetize under a weak magnetic field; permanent magnet is also called hard magnetic material, which has high coercivity and high remanence. Once magnetized by an external magnetic field, The magnetic field can still retain strong magnetism for a long time, so it has significant energy saving and environmental protection advantages, and it has become a magnetic material that is encouraged and grown by national policies.

Magnet development trends:

After two years of effective control of rare earth neodymium iron boron powerful magnets, the price has stabilized, the rational development and utilization of rare earth minerals has been effectively controlled, and the production of rare earth magnet raw materials has gradually stabilized. The price of raw materials in the entire market has remained stable. The price of magnet products is relatively stable. Now in the Internet age, the price of the product is very transparent. When everyone’s product quality is the same, the unit price of the product is naturally transparent. If you put a product on the Internet, the price advantage is very obvious. Therefore, product competition depends on products, and product competition depends on quality. 

 In the face of harsh market competition, the price of NdFeB strong magnets is also easily dwarfed. The market format in the past two years has not been good. The development of magnet products has reached a white-hot stage. Various manufacturers are facing harsh production environments. The lowest price war has to be carried out. Due to the limited production capacity of these manufacturers, they are only simple product processing methods without their own special product advantages. Since a company wants to survive, the only way is to use price and service to maintain The survival of a manufacturer is competing for orders. On the other hand, if these manufacturers can fundamentally solve their own problems, break through their own production technology problems, break through their own problems from the advantages of product quality, and take the initiative to react. When their products and quality have advantages, the enterprises themselves They have gained the initiative. When facing customers, the company has enough right to speak. It can not only avoid price competition on products, but also steadily seize customer demand for products and develop long-term cooperation. 

Throughout the development history of various enterprises, it is not only technology to promote products, to occupy the market with products, and to drive the development of enterprises with the market. Therefore, when an enterprise starts a price war, instead of taking breakthrough product technology as its development direction, Then, there is no hope for the development of this enterprise, because the market is cruel and competition is realistic. After all, low-end products cannot meet the needs of market development and face elimination. Enterprises need to develop, products need to be updated, and technology needs to continue. To make breakthroughs to meet market development needs and meet customer product needs, magnet companies must break through technological breakthroughs in existing production models.

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