It passed the expert certification and reached five domestic leading products.


Through expert certification, it has reached 7 domestic leading products. Ferrite magnet tile second production line officially put into operation.


Passed OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification. Through expert certification, we have reached four domestic leading products. Was awarded the honorary title of "Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise" The third production line of ferrite magnets was officially put into production, preparing for the fourth production line.

Future outlook


Phase 1: Locking magnetic materials in the high-end industry, steady development, actively promote fine management, become a domestic first-class brand enterprises.


Phase 2: Give full play to the advantages of enterprise scale and become a first-class brand enterprise in Asia.

After 2025 Year

Phase 3: On the basis of the leading position of making large, strong, and fine magnetic materials, it will eventually develop into a world-class brand enterprise.



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